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Roadie, restauranteur, musician, singer and movie theater manager were paths that do not define Jim, but allowed him to combine the skills of discipline, service and creativity. He loves to talk about being a Roadie and the bands that came through Ohio whom he was able to work. And his love for cooking led him into the restaurant business a career which would last 20 years and which Jim is first to state is a very stressful occupation. From there he moved into working as a movie theater manager moving up through the ranks in Ohio. Those promotions would bring forth a job transfer that would lead him to Birmingham as the manager of the Dollar Movie Theater in Hoover.

But the pressures of a new beginning and a new location and the loss of a new job would weigh heavily on him and suddenly Jim found himself homeless. Life was suddenly turned upside down and there did not seem to be a new path that Jim could take. And then he heard about the Church of the Reconciler. Jim says, “ They welcomed me with open arms, they helped me get a place to live and they gave me food to eat. Suddenly there was hope and a new family to be a part of in his life.


He is a man of quiet steadfastness. His soft voice and desire to listen attracts others to his office where there is an island of solitude in a very hectic ocean of humanity that is the Church of the Reconciler. Rarely will you see him alone in his office, there is usually someone there during the day. And his years of experience at the church makes him a significant part of the Church of the Reconciler.


Jim was born in 1955 in Galion, Ohio. He will quickly tell you that Galion is the place where the great cranes that built America come from, and that they were instrumental in being a key part of the war effort in WWII. And that even today you will find these great machines all over the world. He graduated from Galion High School, where he was part of the school choir and the drama club.

But his love of music comes from a home that was filled with music. His parents were amateur folk singers traveling around Galion and surrounding areas performing their music. Jim stated, “I was raised with music and my parents would always sing at home. And the whole family sang together which was great fun and training for me.”


And it is the music that does define who Jim is in his life. He loves music and music has been the center of his life. One can see his passion for music as he leads worship at the Church of the Reconciler. For Jim it is his desire to sing in honor and praise to the Lord and through that to make worship even more joyful. It is the one place where he feels most at home. And it is the place where he believes he was called to be.