2nd and 14th

“The Color of My Skin”


The humanity seems eternal from sun-up till the moon glows

Humanity we should but do not want to see

Their freedom sewn shut, crushed not free.


Mother's sons standing in the shadows

Hoping for life, but feeling dead, ready to die

Wondering what this day will bring, as mothers sigh


Humanity with a gun in one hand a badge in another

An eternal truth, good guys turning their backs

Only saving their savagery


She looks at them with fear and love

I should forgive them, their hate moves them

But they do not answer or ask, who are you? Or see


Refusing to talk or listen, ignorance takes over

She becomes that image, another black woman with child

They are a threat, something will happen, something vile


The guilt is around our necks, in our worship

We have the power of dead wood

Like corpses in a tomb of stone and dirt


Eternities beat in our hearts save all

Except those that frighten and inconvenience us

And yet the breathe of God fills the universe

It is not the beginning, it is the end!


J. Stephens